Dear Sisters, 

Through Astrology I have found a language to explore and give shape to the many archetypes we hold within ourselves. By finding where these Goddesses live in our natal Astrology charts we are given a jumping off point to form a deep relationship with them, a foundation that feels strong and familiar.

And from there you have the freedom to live, learn and grow with these powerful archetypes, any way you want. 

In this reading I will find the 10 most influential Goddess asteroids in your personal chart, show you how they manifest in your life and personality. Some of the Goddesses I'll be exploring are...

* Artemis
* Persephone
* Vesta - Elemental fire energy and point of creativity.
* Demeter
* Pythia
* Hygiea
* Briede - another name for Brigid/Brigit.
* Athene
* Amazon
* Aphrodite
* Astarte
* Wolff - there is no 'La Loba' asteroid but I was tickled when I found this one instead and felt called to include it. Its positioning in my own chart was very illuminating!
* Lillith - first wife of biblical figure Adam (spoiler alert - she left him!) Considered a kind of  'Lady Mars' figure, independent and non-conformist. 
* Ishtar
* Circe
* Hecate
* Isis
* Kaali
* Epona - Celtic horse Goddess, unbridled and unbroken energy.
* Magdalena - the pagan lover of Christ

As you can see many of these Goddesses are explored in our time at the Sacred Grove and others are energies and figures that I felt would be supportive of our work as Priestesses. If there is any Goddess from the list that you definitely want me to include in your 10, just let me know. 

Your reading will be sent to you as a PDF for you to keep and refer to again and again. Turnaround on your reading should be 7 days max. 

The exchange for this reading is $74 (I usually charge $100 for astrology readings but wanted to offer this to my Sacred Grove sisters at a lower rate.) 

Payment can be sent via e-tranfer to or via paypal (please email me and I'll send you a paypal invoice asap). 

I hope this offering is of service to you and I can't wait to work with you! 

Parisa x